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Why compleet vendor?

compleet's Vendor Management System (VMS) is Germany's leading solution for managing temporary staff and freelancers throughout the entire purchase-to-pay process. Our solution not only supports assignment companies, but also master vendor and neutral vendor or managed service provider projects - legally compliant and efficient.

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Real-time reports



High level of automation


Supply reliability

Suppliers on demand


Legal security

Early warning systems

Request management

Request management enables you to communicate requirements with your suppliers quickly and in real time. Create requests using templates for white and blue collar, temporary employment and service contracts and distribute them automatically and centrally to over 2000 staffing agencies.

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Kandidatenmanagement cv

Candidate management

Use our intuitive overviews, automated order workflows and smart approval processes to help you select candidates quickly and efficiently. With the help of the temporary staff pool, you also have access to freelancers from your personnel service providers at all times.

Operations management

Maintain transparency regarding assignments, on- and off-boarding, employee transfer documents and deadlines! You can also inform all parties of the current status at the click of a mouse. Thanks to our vendor management system, you also benefit from the automatic calculation of various price models and billing rates!

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Lieferantenmanagement cv

Supplier management

Categorize your suppliers according to blue/white collar, temporary workers and freelancers as well as qualifications. You can integrate these into your ordering and handling processes in order to approach the right supplier with legal certainty. You can also manage your supplier portfolio with the help of comprehensive performance reports.

Supplier invoicing

Supplier invoicing allows you to automate invoice verification for temporary workers as well as automatically take into account billing rates and other individual price models for your temporary workers. You can also benefit from the credit note procedure for your suppliers!

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Reporting cv


Our comprehensive reporting allows you to fully track and evaluate your procurement process. This gives you a high level of real-time transparency about your own performance and that of your suppliers. The reports can be individually compiled as required.

Service provider modules

With the help of our service provider modules, you as a supplier are not just a passive participant - manage your customers' assignments and employee leasing contracts independently and benefit from the integration with compleet recruiting and Zvoove for simplified data transfer - including reports and evaluations!

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Interfaces und integration

Our solution is interface-capable and integrates seamlessly into your system landscape. The import and export interfaces to various systems ensure a continuous flow of information and data and save you manual data entry and the associated time and effort!

  • compleet suite
  • general import interfaces
  • Omnitracker
  • Zvoove
  • Quinyx
  • SAP
  • and much more

An insight into compleet vendor features

Early warning system

Price and tariff management

Qualified electronic signature

Access authorization

Freelancer module

Approval workflows

Credit note procedure

Recruitment agency network

Reasons for compleet

Torben Werner
Personnel Officer Operation, Hermes Einrichtungs Service

"I recommend a VMS tool to every temporary employment agency. If you also want to properly map internal personnel, I clearly recommend an all-in-one solution like the one from compleet. It makes day-to-day work easier for everyone involved."

Damian Moisejenko
Key Account Manager, ARWA Personaldienstleistungen

"The collaboration with compleet is characterized by a high level of transparency and appreciation. We would like to emphasize the good support, which is indispensable for us and makes the cooperation particularly valuable."

Jack Bohn
Head of Key Account Management, TimePartner

"The use of compleet vendor is extremely successful for our supplier process. The cooperative and trusting relationship with compleet is a major advantage in our contract discussions and negotiations. Their support contributes significantly to our success, which is why we value the close and trusting cooperation with the sales department."

Nicole Munk
Managing Director, SYNERGIE Personal Deutschland GmbH

"Thanks to compleet vendor, we can react immediately to our customers' inquiries, as these are clearly and transparently mapped in the system."

Jan Pollex
Process & Implementation Manager, Orizon GmbH

"The implementation of the compleet VMS solution at our customers has led to improved customer loyalty and satisfaction. We have succeeded in significantly reducing the time it takes to fill open positions, with a higher fill rate. By introducing easy-to-use digital solutions, we have been able to save time in the selection process through to filling vacancies at the customer and internally, thereby reducing costs."

Dario Aimola
Key Account Manager, ARWA Personaldienstleistungen

"compleet vendor has revolutionized our procurement processes thanks to its unique digital signature function and efficient request management, which significantly saves time and resources."

Marco Hoss
Commercial Director, EUROQ GmbH

"The compleet web tool gives us the transparency we need to strategically manage our service providers. I am impressed by the implementation-oriented project management, the genuine responsiveness to the customer and the very good industry knowledge in the temporary employment sector."

Andreas Lohse
Head of Purchasing, ENGIE Deutschland GmbH

"With compleet vendor, we have a solution that is optimally tailored to our complex decentralized organization to ensure compliance and efficient processes when commissioning and deploying temporary staff. This and the high level of user-friendliness facilitated the introduction internally and the integration of the personnel service providers."

Daniela Owusu
Advisor Key Account Management, TimePartner

"The collaboration with compleet is proving to be extremely successful. The service we receive from the team is first class. They respond extremely quickly to our requests and concerns. This speed of response has helped our business, particularly the supplier process, to run smoothly, allowing us to focus on what really matters - looking after our clients and candidates."


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