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With the compleet suite, you are perfectly positioned for the future of your industry. compleet combines expert web solutions for workforce management (internal staff, temporary workers and freelancers in one solution), supplier management and recruiting in one data cycle. Eliminate manual effort - thanks to automation, compleet takes care of recurring operational tasks for you. Whether you want to cover the entire process chain, just parts of it or dock individual functions to your ecosystem, we are your partner for transparent real-time management.

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We love being able to turn our customers' challenges into their productivity and competitive advantage. How do we do that? By connecting people to their assignments in real time - so you always have the right people at the right time.

Management with vision

Sophie Genty


Dr. Tobias Weigl


Joerg von Taube


Dr. Hans Georg Seedig


"Over the next 10 years, an average of 2,000 employees will retire every day. In addition, there will be an increase in fluctuation due to changing expectations of work. You will feel all of this in your everyday working life. All our thoughts and decisions at compleet are driven by the desire to support you in counteracting this risk with our services. With our highly integrative portfolio, we can help you increase your reach and relevance among applicants as well as make your workforce more flexible and resilient. User orientation is our top priority."

Sophie Genty

"The digitalization of processes in hiring and HR administration continues to be both a challenge and a decisive factor for many companies. I don't see digitalization as an island, but as a continent on which areas are connected to form a meaningful whole. The compleet suite is thus a large whole made up of complementary units that streamline processes and create efficiency for you. I am pleased to be able to use my know-how and my energy for their continuous optimization in order to make it easier for our customers to achieve their goals."

Dr. Tobias Weigl

"The constant thing about the job market is its constant change. The compleet suite helps you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the current job market. With the compleet suite, you digitize your data flows between applicants and employers, deployment companies and personnel service providers at every step. Record applicant requirements in real time, recruit and hire suitable employees, schedule, manage and communicate with your own and external employees - compleet digitizes, links and accelerates all of this for your success."

Joerg von Taube

"Anyone who develops modern recruiting and HR software, as we do at compleet, must take into account the rapid changes in labor market realities. The end-2-end software architecture of the compleet suite achieves this because the individual components are perfectly coordinated technically and at the same time open to the system. This enables us to develop agile innovations and tailor-made integrations. I am delighted that with the suite we can provide a system that is designed to meet a wide range of customer needs and offers our customers smart support in their day-to-day work."

Dr. Hans Georg Seedig

Our values

Our values characterize us and our company, inspire our compleetzn in their daily work and serve the continuous development. We therefore base our daily actions, behavior and decisions on the values of our corporate culture, which we represent both internally and externally. In this way, we want to fulfill our responsibility for the company, people, the economy and the environment.



For us, authenticity is more than just a value - it is a promise we keep to our employees, customers and partners. We firmly believe that authenticity is the key to long-term relationships. We are who we are - honest, transparent, open - and reflect this in our actions, in our collaboration and in our software solutions. In doing so, we create an atmosphere of trust in which we support each other and communicate honestly.


For us, openness means being open to new approaches. In this way, we are constantly learning and creating a breeding ground for new ideas. We promote team development and the individual development of our employees. And because the needs of our customers are important to us, we maintain a dialog with them. This enables us to continuously develop our software solutions and provide our customers with high-quality solutions.


We use the individual strengths and skills of our employees to pursue positive and sustainable business development. We work hand in hand, give our best every day and continuously develop ourselves to ensure the highest quality standards in terms of service and software for our customers. The foundation of our success is our team spirit and our adaptability, which pave the way to an innovative future.


Over 150 compleetzn from different backgrounds already enrich the way we work together. With our different strengths, ideas and talents, we form a diversity that promotes creativity and innovation in our company! Together, we create a working environment in which our employees feel welcome, respected and valued.

Become a compleetze

We are constantly evolving and are therefore always looking for bright minds and motivated talents who share our enthusiasm for software solutions and are ready to take on new challenges!

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Our compleet history

compleet has undergone a disruptive development since Marco Kainhuber, founder of GermanPersonnel, laid the foundation stone for compleet in Germering. Or since - if you want to go back even further - the father of compleet founder Axel Trompeter was still storing HR data on punch cards in 1974. Today, we make all HR-related data available to you at any time in real time on any end device. Below are the key milestones in compleet's history.


Merger of TALOS Workforce Solutions GmbH with compleet GmbH


Merger of the companies AVAX GmbH, EVINT GmbH, GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH and Compana Agency GmbH to form compleet GmbH


Merger of AVAX GmbH with GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH, Compana Agency GmbH & EVINT GmbH


Merger of GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH and Compana Agency GmbH with EVINT GmbH


"BARC Best Practice Award Business Intelligence & Analytics 2019" Award for GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH in the SME category


Merger of GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH and Compana Agency GmbH


The private equity firm acquires GermanPersonnel and is also the driver of the following acquisitions, with the aim of creating a leading SaaS provider in the field of recruitment and personnel management


Foundation of TALOS Workforce Solutions GmbH


AVAX GmbH: Entry in the IT best list in the industry software category


Foundation of AVAX GmbH


Foundation of Compana Software GmbH


Foundation of EVINT GmbH


Award for EVINT (GBG) "Innovation Product 2008"


Foundation of GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH

Neue Perspektive:
Werde compleetze!

Bis 2030 fehlen 2 Millionen Arbeitskräfte in Deutschland. Wir ändern etwas daran – mit intelligenter Software vom Recruiting bis zum ganzheitlichen Workforce-Management für Fremd- und Eigenpersonal. Die compleet GmbH ist führend in lösungsorientierter HR-Software von End-2-End.
Deswegen solltest du wirklich bei uns arbeiten. Aktuell sind etwa 170 Mitarbeitende aus etwa 30 Nationen bereits in digitalen Jobs aktiv. Als Arbeitgeber mit Zukunftsvisionen nutzen wir flexible und individuelle Arbeitsplatzlösungen. Starte deine Karriere bei uns und werde Teil der compleet Familie.
Uns gibt es an fünf Standorten in ganz Deutschland: Bei München (Unterhaching), bei Nürnberg (Feucht), bei Köln (Hürth), in Fulda und in Stuttgart. Du entscheidest, wo du arbeiten willst. Je nach Job geht das manchmal sogar gänzlich losgelöst von einem dieser Standorte. 

Warum compleet?

In unseren oft crossfunktionalen Teams pflegen wir eine respektvolle und offene Duz- und Feedback-Kultur. Humor, Dynamik und Vielfalt prägen unseren Alltag. Auch die Work-Life-Balance ist uns wichtig. Dafür bieten wir unter anderem Mobiles Arbeiten (Hybrid Working), flexible Arbeitszeitgestaltung sowie 30 Tage Urlaub. Weil der Spaß nicht zu kurz kommen sollte, veranstalten wir jährliche Events und gemeinsame Feiern, um unser „Wir-Gefühl“ zu stärken und gemeinsame Erlebnisse zu schaffen.
Wir bieten dir attraktive Perspektiven in einem international expandierenden Unternehmen.