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compleet for healthcare

The healthcare sector is an important industry that creates a considerable number of jobs. Finding and managing staff in the healthcare industry is a challenge that is influenced by various factors. Our compleet recruiting, compleet workforce and compleet vendor software solutions not only help to effectively manage staff shortages, but also ensure that all regulations and legislation are complied with. Our technology enables care facilities to optimize their recruitment without the additional burden of legal uncertainties. At the same time, they strengthen employee loyalty and reduce staff turnover rates.

compleet workforce

compleet workforce is a powerful software solution that supports you with numerous functions and workflows to optimize your day-to-day work in the healthcare sector. Our software solution is designed to meet the challenges of your industry and give you a competitive advantage to operate successfully in the market.

  • Efficient personnel management through the central recording and administration of all relevant employee information
  • Modern and reliable time recording methods for precise recording and monitoring of working hours
  • Optimal staff scheduling by analyzing staff requirements, identifying qualified personnel and creating shift plans
  • Control access to certain areas to increase security standards and prevent unauthorized access
  • Simplified billing process through numerous automations and individual configurations
  • Optimized personnel recruitment through the efficient identification and selection of qualified personnel as well as rapid response to personnel requirements and reduction of bottlenecks
  • Efficient resource management through the optimal use of temporary staff
  • Comprehensive transparency regarding qualifications, availability and deployment history of personnel
  • Support with compliance and risk minimization
  • Cost efficiency and budget control through the transparent presentation of costs as well as monitoring and control of budgets for personnel resources

compleet vendor

compleet's Vendor Management System supports companies in using resources more efficiently, gaining comprehensive transparency of all employees and adhering to compliance guidelines. Cost optimization, budget control and adaptability features make our VMS a valuable tool for successful HR management.

compleet recruiting

compleet recruiting is an innovative recruiting solution that helps you revolutionize the recruitment process in the healthcare industry. With the help of the software solution, you are equipped with the tools you need in your day-to-day work to overcome the challenges of modern recruiting and give you a decisive competitive advantage.

  • Creation of professional and appealing job advertisementsTargeted publication of job advertisements on job portals, career sites and social media
  • High visibility through free basic coverage and premium job portals
  • Central management of all applicant data including the creation and maintenance of a talent pool
  • Targeted placements with the help of job and candidate matching
  • Improved communication through automated email notifications
  • Analysis and reporting for transparency on key figures and recruiting performance

Customers and success stories

Take a look at selected success stories from our customers and find out how compleet solutions support various companies in their day-to-day work.

Interfaces and integration

Our solutions are interface-capable and integrate seamlessly into your system landscape. The import and export interfaces to various systems ensure a consistent flow of information and data and save you from manual data entry and the associated time and effort!

  • compleet suite
  • ERP-Systems like SAP
  • File exports for payroll data such as DATEV, Lexware & Addison
  • Job boards like Indeed and StepStone
  • APIs to other HR solutions
  • and many more

compleet ready

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