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compleet for Retail

Retail is an industry with a high demand for both internal and external workers. A recruiting and workforce management solution is of great importance to effectively manage applicants and staff. With compleet's solutions, you are supported in making the application process efficient, finding qualified candidates and optimizing personnel deployment and administration. You can also benefit from the know-how of our experts and their many years of industry experience!

compleet workforce

compleet workforce offers efficient personnel management - from workforce scheduling and time recording to payroll accounting! You benefit from efficient resource management and can easily cover your personnel requirements, minimize bottlenecks and adhere to compliance regulations! Numerous automations and functions also ensure that your workforce processes run smoothly.

  • Efficient resource planning through centralized management of employee information, qualifications and availability
  • Flexible shift planning based on individual employee availability, qualifications and preferences
  • Monitoring the availability of qualified personnel in real time
  • Minimization of compliance risks such as labour law provisions, collective agreements or legal regulations through the automated calculation of working hours, etc.
  • More accurate billing and cost control thanks to integrated time recording, shift planning and billing
  • Efficient creation, editing and management as well as transparent presentation of job advertisements
  • Increased reach through targeted publication on various job portals
  • High visibility through free basic reach and premium job portals
  • Optimized applicant management through filter functions, batch processing, Kanban board and much more
  • Simplified communication with applicants through automated notifications, scheduling tools and more
  • Support in creating and managing a talent pool in real time

compleet recruiting

Let us help you find and manage suitable applicants! At the same time, you benefit from efficient management of your job advertisements, a high reach and the simplified creation of a talent pool for future assignments. This allows you to make your recruiting process more effective and attract qualified applicants faster! Gain even more advantages through effective workflows and functions:

Customers and success stories

Take a look at selected success stories from our customers and find out how compleet solutions support various companies in their day-to-day work.

Interfaces and integration

Our solutions are interface-capable and integrate seamlessly into your system landscape. The import and export interfaces to various systems ensure a consistent flow of information and data and save you from manual data entry and the associated time and effort!

  • compleet suite
  • ERP-Systems like SAP
  • File exports for payroll data such as DATEV, Lexware & Addison
  • Agentur für Arbeit
  • APIs to other HR solutions
  • and many more

compleet ready

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