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compleet for Logistics

The logistics industry plays a crucial role in the supply of goods to businesses and consumers worldwide and is characterized by the management and coordination of a large workforce. In this complex environment, software is critical for logistics professionals to efficiently manage suppliers, optimize workforce deployment and minimize bottlenecks. compleet's solutions are already helping many companies to overcome their challenges and increase efficiency and profitability.

compleet workforce

Use compleet workforce for the whole organization and management of your staff and their working hours. Our innovative software solution optimizes workforce scheduling, enables needs-based recruitment and automates working time management. You benefit from an increase in productivity, cost optimization, compliance with working time regulations and many other advantages:

  • Efficient personnel management through the central recording and administration of all relevant employee information
  • Modern and reliable time recording methods for precise recording and control of working hours
  • Efficient staff scheduling to minimize overtime and comply with working time rules and regulations
  • Control access to specific areas to increase security standards and prevent unauthorized access
  • Simplified billing process through numerous automations and individual configurations
  • Efficient supplier management through centralized administration of supplier data, contracts and prices
  • Simplified processes from recording requirements to hiring employees
  • Support in adhering to contracts and regulations to minimize compliance risks
  • Accurately record labor hours and performance information for accurate billing and performance analysis
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis on spend, supplier performance, employee performance and more

compleet vendor

Are your processes associated with higher costs, compliance risks and a high expenditure of time?With compleet vendor, you benefit from a customized solution that makes the entire procurement cycle more efficient, from requirements planning and requisitioning to the selection and recruitment of employees. With the help of effective workflows and functions, you can also benefit from the following advantages:

Customers and success stories

Take a look at selected success stories from this sector and find out how compleet supports logistics specialist in their day-to-day work. 

Interfaces and integration

Our solutions are interface-capable and integrate seamlessly into your system landscape. The import and export interfaces to various systems ensure a continuous flow of information and data and save you manual data entry and the associated time and effort!

  • compleet suite
  • ERP-Systems like SAP
  • File exports for payroll data such as DATEV & Lexware
  • general import interfaces
  • Omnitracker
  • and many more

compleet ready

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