Success Story

Read the success story of AVANCE GmbH and how the company was able to successfully optimize its workflows with the help of compleet vendor.



The company AVANCE acts as a personnel service provider at 4 locations in Germany and can demonstrate extensive knowledge and expertise in the automotive and logistics industry due to the many years of experience of its over 270 employees. With customers from the automotive industry, especially automobile manufacturers, suppliers and logistics companies, the company offers various solutions from personnel leasing and recruiting to on-site service and in-house services as well as concepts for personnel development and human resources solutions. The company uses compleet vendor at selected North/East German locations of Schenker Germany as part of the AVANCE GmbH Master Vendor project.

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and goals

AVANCE Personal Service GmbH has been successfully operating as a staffing agency for 25 years. For the customer DB Schenker, AVANCE Automotive GmbH was looking for a technical solution in order to be able to act as a master vendor in order to efficiently manage the deployments in addition to filling personnel requirements with temporary workers. DB Schenker's requirement was to use a vendor management system to obtain a real-time insight into the status of personnel requirements as well as transparency and legal certainty about the temporary workers used.


The order given to compleet GmbH was to connect AVANCE with the master vendor management system to its customer DB Schenker at six different locations with around 200 external employees in order to ensure optimal support and process support in all areas of the project. For this purpose, the customer DB Schenker was provided with an on-site manager on site. AVANCE GmbH benefits from the Master Vendor System because on-site managers only have to be deployed at selected locations. Other locations are controlled from a central location with less volume than master. At the beginning of the project there was a certain effort to provide the inventory data and the customer's data and to enter them accordingly. But it was worth it, because onboarding in the vendor management system created an overview and audit options. The compleet team supported the personnel service provider or master vendor through project-related and individual adjustments for the project. Thanks to the intensive support right from the start and the implementation of the complete vendor tool, which is so self-explanatory that it is easy to use for all DB Schenker users, both customers and co-suppliers were enthusiastic about the compleet tool and acceptance was increased. The roll-out of the project was completely taken over by compleet, all users were trained and personnel service providers were connected. Complete vendor was introduced within 4 weeks.


The advantages for all parties range from transparency and document control to data security and deadline monitoring, as Maik Andres, responsible for the master vendor management system at AVANCE Automotive GmbH and DB Schenker, explains. With the solution, all service providers involved can be informed comprehensively about personnel requirements within a very short time. For DB Schenker, this means even faster reactions and fulfillment of needs. The user also receives an overview of all employees on duty, including digital documentation and qualifications. The maximum rental period can no longer be missed by ensuring deadline monitoring. Since the compleet team was able to implement customer requests quickly and successfully, Maik Andres continues to rely on compleet vendor. Due to its success, the expansion of the Master Vendor project is being discussed. AVANCE has already won another Master Vendor project with compleet and more will follow.

Reasons for compleet vendor

"compleet vendor is easy to use for users who have found their way around compleet vendor very quickly, and compleet continues to develop with Schenker. In the next step, the reporting system will be expanded to provide Schenker with the relevant key figures."

Maik Andres
On-Site Manager, AVANCE Automotive GmbH