Rudolph Logistik
Success Story

Read the success story of Rudolph Logistik and how the company was able to successfully optimize its workflows with the help of compleet vendor.


About Rudolph Logistik

The Rudolph Logistics Group is an international logistics service provider with around 4,500 employees at 40 locations in Germany, Europe, the USA and the Arabian Peninsula. The group is headquartered in Gudensberg in the center of Germany. The range of services extends from procurement logistics, warehousing and production logistics to distribution logistics, fulfillment and value-added services. Turnover amounted to around 345 million euros in 2018.

compleet vendor

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and goals

compleet vendor has been in use since March 2017 to manage temporary workers across all locations in Germany. The aim of the integration was to reduce operational expenses and cut costs through simple and effective management of temporary workers. Following the reform of the Temporary Employment Act, another important goal came to the fore during the course of the project, namely to ensure legally compliant deadline monitoring across all locations. Above all, however, the company no longer wanted to be dependent on its master vendors, who were implemented at different locations, but wanted a tool with which several personnel service providers could be managed and personnel service providers could be requested simultaneously. Billing processes and the checking of invoices from staffing agencies were also to be simplified.

Implementation and result

On October 1, 2016, the pilot phase began with the introduction of the vendor portal and the billing process in Lower Bavaria. It was possible to successfully adapt the special customer requirements to the portal and simplify the entire employee leasing process from the request to billing. Billing takes place in the following steps: compleet vendor receives a monthly Excel file with the respective clock-in times of the temporary workers used, which are uploaded to the vendor portal. All information on prices and conditions is also stored in the portal. compleet then calculates the invoice amounts based on the uploaded information and also takes into account equal-pay price jumps, surcharges and break times. From this, compleet generates a preview of the individual invoices and overviews of the cost centers. The finished invoice preview is then released for the staffing agencies to check. In the final step, the staffing agencies send the corresponding invoice document to the Rudolph Logistics Group. In addition to this service, compleet GmbH also supports the onboarding of staffing agencies. After a successful start in Lower Bavaria, compleet vendor was rolled out to all other locations throughout Germany. The central payroll process was then also extended to other locations.

There were also a few small stumbling blocks within the project, which were quickly eliminated by compleets individual vendor solutions. For example, the implementation was somewhat more complex, as previously only one master had been working with one system. Another small hurdle was that the time recording system was unable to export the data. The team sat down with the project managers at the Rudolph Logistics Group and the time recording provider and worked closely together to find a solution. The provider enabled an Excel/CSV export from its system. The data is now imported into compleet vendor with a single click.

Advantages of the solution

When asked about the greatest success and benefits of the new solution, Anja Dönicke, Project Manager at the Rudolph Logistics Group, mentioned the monitoring of contract deadlines, which is now guaranteed quickly and with legal certainty across all locations. Time and cost savings have made it possible to save three employee positions. In addition, the "human component" is no longer required - which leads to fewer errors. Further cost minimization was made possible by the introduction of the invoice mode, as errors in the service provider invoices were eliminated. Furthermore, it was possible to do without dependence on the master vendors and the other staffing agencies were more satisfied. Annika Kohlmann, Team Assistant in Personnel Administration South/East at the Rudolph Group, also praises the much more efficient and fast channels to the personnel service providers. This saves a lot of time in day-to-day work. The simplicity of using the tool for every user, the accuracy and impeccable reliability of the payrolls are also the biggest successes from the collaboration compared to previous times.

Reasons for compleet vendor

"We have always been very satisfied with our cooperation with compleet. Especially with the individual solution approaches, the quick implementation and the good personal contact."

Anja Dönicke
Project manager compleet/HR-Management, Rudolph Logistik