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Success Story

Read Orizon's success story and how the company was able to successfully optimize its workflows with the help of compleet vendor.


About Orizon

As part of the Japanese group Outsourcing Inc., the personnel services company Orizon offers a comprehensive range of personnel services. The service portfolio includes personnel leasing and placement, as well as the implementation of complex personnel projects. A large part of the professional fields are covered by technical, industrial and commercial specialists and managers. With this strategy, the company is one of the market leaders for German medium-sized businesses. As an employer of around 6,700 employees, around 100 locations nationwide and a turnover of 281.6 million euros (2021, including Otto Work Force Deutschland GmbH), Orizon ranks 11th among the leading personnel service providers in Germany, according to the Lünendonk List 2021.

compleet vendor

With the help of our VMS, you can optimize your processes from inquiry management to supplier invoicing!

Orizon relies on the compleet total package

The high degree of transparency across the entire process chain supports our continuous improvement process. As a result, suitable measures can be derived and implemented in a targeted manner. Our contacts at compleet support us at all times in an advisory capacity to find the best solutions for project implementation. If problems arise, we receive quick and uncomplicated assistance and solutions. Based on our positive experience of working with compleet and the associated added value, we will continue to expand our collaboration with compleet." Marion Sallinger, Team Manager Tender/Sales Support and responsible for the introduction of the compleet solution and Mr. Jan Pollex, Process & Implementation Manager at Orizon GmbH.

When was the project with compleet GmbH started? / How long has the solution been in use?

Contract negotiations with compleet began at the start of 2020, as vendor management software was needed for a classic master vendor project. Orizon compared many systems in advance, but the preference was always for the compleet solution. Go Life was March 1, 2021, which marked the start of the first master vendor management project. This year in June 2022, the fifth Master Vendor Management project will start.

What requirements did you have for the project with the introduction of the compleet solution?

Save time, capacity and resources! But Orizon also knows the view from the other perspective - from the perspective of a service provider. If the master vendor waits a long time for replies to the emails he has sent and email replies take a long time. Accordingly, transparency was the biggest requirement for the project. In addition, all partners should receive requests for candidates at the same time, no one should be disadvantaged and contractual regulations should be fulfilled by the company! With the help of the time stamp, extensive information can be viewed/tracked, even when each co-partner has read inquiries, evaluations or performance ratings or not. This can be presented transparently for everyone involved in a short time, without it being a personal feeling, but rather a purely objective representation of how the system works.

What was also important was the issue of document exchange via the system, so that nothing was sent manually via email anymore, but rather via the system using software. The digital signature was also very advantageous, so that as little as necessary had to be exchanged on paper. A clear advantage is also the invoice preview and the credit note procedure at the end.
“That’s why we decided on the complete solution. Ultimately also because of the good and easy usability of the SaaS solution and the price-performance ratio.” Says Marion Sallinger, Tender/Sales Support team manager and person responsible for the introduction of the compleet solution.

How many people work with the compleet solution?

On the master vendor side with five customers and with Ms. Sallinger around 15 people. On the service provider side, all 100 branches with employees and administrators. It is precisely this dichotomy that has sensitized Orizon to work very precisely and conscientiously with the compleet VMS in order to always ensure and implement transparency towards all partners.

What hurdles and stumbling blocks were there and how were they solved?

Communication with customers is very important. The departments must definitely be involved if you are to work with the system, for example to post inquiries or something similar. Everyone needs to be brought on board early and receive training. So that everyone adheres to processes. If customers don't stick to processes and then use the phone and haven't made that one click in the system and an employee is still listed as an applicant even though they are no longer that, it's difficult. But a system is only as good as how it is operated and maintained. Everyone involved must adhere to the established processes. This also increases user satisfaction with the software system. So the biggest hurdle is communication in all directions, to the users, to those authorized and to the customers.

The time management system of the compleet solution also impresses Orizon

Orizon did not want a pure time recording system, but rather a time management system. Here too, those responsible obtained extensive information and compared offers. The requirements of customers are diverse. Be it in the Master Vendor area, in the MSP area or with Projekt GmbH for outsourcing projects. The focus here is primarily on the reporting options. What Mr. Jan Pollex, Process & Implementation Manager at Orizon GmbH, particularly likes is that the components can be booked so that specific combinations can be selected for different projects. The decisive point for compleet was the price-performance ratio here too. The goal was always to get a combination of vendor management system, time management and other peripheral tools from a single source, to use the systems via interfaces and to use them smoothly with as little programming effort as possible. Mr. Pollex further explains that this also results in advantages in projects with existing and future customers by being able to offer new services in a targeted manner. The calculability of costs is also very important.

Did the compleet solution help win a Master Vendor project?

“Yes, definitely, many tenders today require a vendor management system. Since we also have demo access, we were able to show a demo of the compleet solution in our pitches, which convinced many customers and many projects were able to get started even faster by using the solution. And the complete solution is even mentioned by name in the tenders. If you use a tool like this, you are always one step further along in the process,” says Marion Sallinger.


Not only satisfied customers, but also raw numbers play a role when introducing software. Ms. Sallinger and Mr. Pollex state the following savings and effects:

  • 10 percent fewer billing errors
  • 15 percent less communication effort with HR service providers
  • 80 percent more transparency for employees
  • 15 percent of costs were saved by introducing complete workforce management
  • 15 percent increase in efficiency in operational processes


And ultimately a 100 percent increase in the average speed of offers from staffing companies in minutes.

Reasons for compleet vendor

"The implementation of the compleet VMS solution for our customers has led to improved customer loyalty and satisfaction. We have managed to significantly reduce the filling times for open positions while maintaining a higher filling rate. The introduction of easy-to-use digital solutions made it possible to save time in the selection process through to filling open vacancies at the customer and internally, thereby reducing costs."

Jan Pollex
Process & Implementation Manager, Orizon GmbH