Success Story

Read the success story of our customer Lebkuchen-Schmidt and the successful use of the compleet vendor solution.


About Lebkuchen-Schmidt

For over 90 years, the name Lebkuchen-Schmidt has stood for handcrafted gingerbread quality all over the world. The Nuremberg company sells seasonal Christmas goods and other baked goods: gingerbread, cookies, but also fruit wines, honey and spice mixtures. Around 300 regular employees work in the modern factory in Nuremberg all year round, with around 700 additional seasonal and temporary workers joining them in the season from late summer. Sales recently amounted to almost 90 million euros.

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Goals and requirements

As the company produces significantly more in the run-up to Christmas than in the first half of the year, the very high staffing requirements are concentrated in the second half of the year. A software solution was therefore needed that would ensure fast and efficient processing when recruiting temporary staff and also support the organization and control of the necessary documents. Because in food production in particular, especially for the quality brand Lebkuchen-Schmidt, the verification of important documents is essential. The aim was to optimize the entire process during the peak season and to bundle the personnel service providers. Lebkuchen-Schmidt was therefore looking for a solution that would meet today's requirements and, above all, simplify the monitoring of processes. compleet offers a web-based SaaS solution that maps all processes relating to temporary staffing in medium-sized companies.


The roll-out of the software, including staff training, was completed within four weeks. In the following six months, optimizations were made on site according to individual wishes and requirements. All relevant personnel service providers were connected right from the start. Important documents of the temporary workers such as health certificates, contracts and other personal documents could now be clearly and securely mapped and archived with warning functions. Particular attention was paid to compliance with data protection and security requirements. For example, employee data was only partially exchanged in emails and SSL and end-to-end encryption was used. The compleet team also simplified the onboarding process with the help of a workflow management system for HR documents.


By using compleet vendor, the processes were optimized and vacancies were filled more quickly. "As we are operating in a very sensitive area here, we can ensure that all personal data is handled much more easily and in compliance with data protection regulations compared to the previous process. Specific requirements from our specialist departments are processed faster and vacancies in the individual areas are filled more quickly. The centralization in compleet vendor has made the distribution of tasks in the HR department more effective. This means that our specialist departments receive the same level of information, regardless of which employee is contacted by their colleagues. The optimized processing is particularly noticeable in day-to-day business. We have become much faster as a result and, thanks to the monitoring and tracking options, we can ensure more precisely that all the necessary documents are available on time for the very high number of temporary workers, regardless of how long the employee has been on assignment," says Peter Blos, Head of Human Resources at Lebkuchen-Schmidt.

When asked whether there were any surprises or hurdles in the project with compleet, Mr. Blos answers as follows: "I can't really report any actual surprises. Right from the start, working with compleet on the project was very pleasant, constructive and, above all, intensive. Hurdles in the system, functions and possibilities that did not exist before were discussed competently and promptly adapted to our special requirements. We greatly appreciate the close and personal cooperation. As a customer, we are listened to with our wishes and suggestions, and our ideas are reflected in the system. We hope that compleet will continue to provide this kind of partnership-based cooperation in the future. Good collaboration is about ping-ponging ideas, pulling together and working towards a common goal. And good cooperation requires good communication and mutual trust. With compleet, we have exactly the right partner."


Further collaboration is also planned in the future, because the project with compleet has not actually ended yet. Both companies are in ongoing discussions about new ideas, expansion requests and opportunities for improvement. The Vendor Management System was recently supplemented with the Supplier Management Pro module.

Reasons for compleet vendor

"Good collaboration requires good communication and mutual trust. With compleet we have exactly the right partner."

Peter Blos
Head of Human Resources, Lebkuchen-Schmidt