Success Story

Read the success story of 4WHEELS and the ACTIEF Group with the complete vendor solution.


About ACTIEF Group

For the customer 4WHEELS, ACTIEF Group, as a master vendor, takes on the staffing needs with temporary workers and the administration of the assignments. For this purpose, ACTIEF uses compleet vendor as the master vendor system. “Success is when you do completely ordinary things exceptionally well.” Since it was founded in Hagen in 1985, ACTIEF has been one of the most expansive personnel service companies and has been successfully active in temporary employment with a nationwide branch network.

compleet vendor

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Challenges and goals

In collaboration with a management consultancy, 4WHEELS was looking for a concept and provider to fill staffing needs - predominantly warehouse employees - as quickly and optimally as possible. The customer mainly has short-term vacancies (within hours to a few days) that need to be filled during peak orders that need to be covered with temporary workers - at over 70 locations throughout Germany. In addition, collaboration and communication with the large number of staffing agencies should be simplified and structured. With compleet, ACTIEF presented the best concept and won the tender. The management of requirements and temporary workers should be carried out centrally from one location via the master vendor - without the master vendor having to be present on site at all locations. The master vendor system had to support the achievement of these goals.

Approach and launch

Already in the tender for the master vendor, ACTIEF was able to differentiate itself from other providers by using compleet as a master vendor portal and thereby win the tender. compleet received the order to connect almost over 70 4 Wheels locations and over 50 co-suppliers. The roll-out was completed within 6 weeks. 4WHEELS not only attached particular importance to the rapid introduction of the master vendor, but also wanted complete transparency about the performance of the master vendor and its co-suppliers. The most important process for the master vendor at 4WHEELS is the process for distributing personnel issues. ACTIEF sends the personnel requests precisely within a few seconds to all the relevant contacts of the co-suppliers. Using an automatic feedback function on the status of the request from the co-supplier, the master vendor can work with the co-suppliers to fill personnel requirements in a targeted and time-saving manner. “With AVAX (compleet vendor) we have the status of the vacancies at a glance and can therefore act immediately,” says Steve Mansi, area manager and project manager at ACTIEF.


“We made the right decision with ACTIEF as master vendor. By using compleet, we gain full transparency, can monitor the bottleneck in real time and have a view of the performance of the master vendor.” 4WHEELS. With the support of the master vendor portal, the master vendor was able to significantly reduce the response times of the personnel service providers and fill vacancies at a high speed. The average quotation speed of the co-suppliers is one hour. The top 25% of co-suppliers deliver the desired profiles within 25 minutes on average.

“Without compleet, such a result would only be possible with a very high level of personnel effort.” Quote from Mr. Mansi.

The administrative effort was reduced and a uniform ordering process was created across Germany for over 70 locations.


Since the project was introduced, the procurement processes have been further optimized. Constant further development is the basis for successful and profitable work. “We are also planning to implement new projects with master functions for other customers using the compleet solution,” says area manager Steve Mansi.

Reasons for compleet vendor

"With the tool from compleet GmbH, all of our ongoing processes can be accelerated and simplified. Personnel requirements can therefore be met in real time. Thank you for the successful cooperation."

Steve Mansi
Territory management, ACTIEF Group