Time tracking
with compleet

Timesheets are a thing of the past, today digital and precise time recording is the order of the day. With compleet workforce, you use a software solution with comprehensive functions,
that supports HR with digital time recording and workforce scheduling.

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Time tracking options

compleet offers you modern time clock solutions that range from location-dependent to location-independent time recording and are highly flexible in terms of configuration and installation.

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Why should I invest in digital time tracking?

With compleet workforce, you can combine personnel management, resource planning, access control, time recording and payroll accounting in one tool. All personnel data, including information such as availability and qualifications, is available to you at a glance - and protected against unauthorized access in compliance with the law. This data can be used to optimize shift planning, for example by scheduling employees with the appropriate skills and availability for specific projects. 

Automated access control based on the respective working hours ensures security. This makes it possible to guarantee employees access to certain areas only at defined times or to guarantee this exclusively to selected teams. This can make high investments in security measures obsolete.

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Time clock as thanks to sophisticated time recording software

Time recording can be a challenge - especially when it comes to organizing different working time models, internal and external employees and planning projects effectively. With compleet workforce, you have a tool at your disposal that summarizes these tasks clearly and allows maximum transparency.

This allows you to plan resources efficiently, record hours seamlessly and significantly optimize staff scheduling based on attendance and absence data. Employees benefit from quick and easy entry of working hours and break times, apply for vacation days independently and keep an eye on the application status at all times.

Your benefits


Real-time capability

Individual working time models

Release of working time

Time saving

Employee satisfaction


Multi-client capability

Total Workforce

Total Workforce

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Transparency about attendances and absences


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