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Success Story

Read the Formel D success story and how the company was able to successfully optimize its workflows with the help of compleet vendor.

Formel D

About Formel D

Formel D is a global service provider to the automotive and supplier industry. The company develops market-leading concepts and individual, scalable solutions for quality assurance and process optimization along the entire automotive value chain - from development to production and aftersales.

compleet vendor

With the help of our VMS, you can optimize your processes from inquiry management to supplier invoicing!

Goals and challenges

The project with compleet started at the end of August, beginning of September 2015. The project ran under the headline "Increasing the efficiency of the procurement process in the area of personnel purchasing" and the rollout began on February 1, 2016. compleet offers a web-based SaaS solution that maps all processes relating to temporary work in medium-sized companies. compleet also provides its industry expertise as part of consulting projects or neutral vendor management. As early as 2009, Formel D conducted an internal study on the topic of increasing the efficiency of the procurement process in the area of personnel purchasing. The result was that the use of a procurement portal would be the right step, but there was no suitable solution on the market at the time. Especially in the area of personnel procurement, the requirements are very different from other procurement processes in the company. On the one hand, it is about efficient purchasing, better evaluation, allocation and classification of suppliers and, on the other hand, easy handling that can also be introduced quickly and unbureaucratically at operational locations so that every user can master the tool within a few minutes.

Results of the launch

There are often many small details that can lead to an improvement. With some of our ideas, however, we have also found that they are either better implemented at a later date or are not feasible at all from a technical point of view. However, thanks to an intensive exchange on both sides, we regularly find suitable solutions. The collaboration with compleet is a clear benefit for us and the entire project was implemented throughout Germany in less than three months. The locations are supplied with information more quickly and projects can be managed much better. Overall, Formel D's customers also benefit, as they can keep a much better eye on their service providers using the Compliance Monitor than in the past. Service providers who do not provide their documents are noticed more quickly, which means there are fewer black sheep. In response to the questions "What surprised you in the project?" and "Where were there unexpected hurdles?", Benjamin Röhrhoff, Purchasing Formel D Group, answers: "At the beginning, we weren't sure whether we should pass on the knowledge from our company to a third party. However, we quickly realized that everyone involved benefits from a transfer of know-how, which has enabled us to continuously improve the portal. As a compleet customer, we have a clear idea of what requirements the portal must fulfill today and in the future. We all - including our customers - benefit from compleet's innovative strength, wealth of ideas and fast support."


Further projects between the two companies will also be implemented in the future. The dialog between customer and supplier is to be reduced even further to compleet and the solution is to be expanded to include a supplier management tool for external personnel procurement.

Reasons for compleet vendor

"The cooperation with compleet is a clear benefit for us" about the introduction of the vendor management system for temporary staffing from compleet vendor."

Benjamin Röhrhoff
Manager Retail, Formel D GmbH