ARWA & compleet

ARWA writes vendor success story. Read why the long-standing collaboration with compleet has proven to be valuable. 



Who is ARWA

ARWA Personaldienstleistungen GmbH is an established staffing agency with over 40 years of industry experience, specializing in the placement of qualified employees. With a wide range of services, from temporary work to personnel placement and on-site management, ARWA offers companies the opportunity to efficiently cover their personnel requirements. At the same time, ARWA supports jobseekers in finding suitable career opportunities. With a focus on quality and reliability, ARWA has made a name for itself as a trusted partner for flexible work solutions.

compleet spoke to Dario Aiomla and Damian Moisejenko, both Key Account Managers at ARWA, about what the use of compleet vendor has changed for the staffing agency and what positive impact the collaboration has had.

compleet vendor

The perfect system for your supplier management.

Let us convince you of Germany's most widely used VMS for the management of temporary staff and freelancers throughout the entire purchase-to-pay process. Our solution not only supports assignment companies, but also master vendors and neutral vendors - legally compliant and efficient.

How long have you been using compleet's vendor solution?

We have been using compleet's solution since 2017. Our first discussions and negotiations with compleet took place in 2016, and since then we have built up an extremely successful collaboration. During this time, we have continuously used compleet's software to optimize our business processes. The long-term cooperation with compleet has proven to be extremely valuable for our company.

What challenges did your company face before using our vendor solution? What tasks did you have to overcome?

Before implementing your vendor solution, ARWA as a company was faced with the challenge of meeting the ever-increasing legal requirements. This was particularly challenging due to the fact that the required individual employee leasing agreements had to be signed before the contract could begin. The situation was complex, as we often operate in a dynamic environment in which requirements and orders can change rapidly. Customer inquiries often required quick responses and the lengthy processes for signing contracts made it difficult for us to fill inquiries promptly. As a result, the costs and additional work involved in short-term assignments increased.

How has compleet's solution changed your day-to-day work?

The introduction of compleet's VMS has significantly improved our processes.


„compleet enables us to efficiently manage and track requests from customers or internal requests.“



How satisfied are you with the compleet solution? Is there any functionality that particularly impresses you?

We are very happy with the current software. There are many functionalities that have convinced us, but two in particular stand out. The first was the digital signature option. This has greatly simplified the way we work, as we can sign documents and contracts quickly and securely electronically. This not only saves time, but also paper and resources, which is in line with our sustainability strategy. The second feature that particularly impressed us was the request management. compleet enables ARWA to efficiently manage and track requests from customers or internal requests. This feature has improved communication and customer service as we can process requests faster while keeping track of open requests.


Why did you choose compleet's solutions back then? Were there alternatives on the market?

Yes, there were and are alternatives on the market. ARWA opted for compleet's solutions at the time because compleet offered the best overall package and focused on the right things. These were both the functionality and the excellent customer support. This not only saved costs, but also enabled greater flexibility. The software was intuitive to use and the company was always ready to help with questions or problems. This high standard of customer service was an important criterion for us when choosing a solution. It wasn't the only option on the market, but in our opinion it was the best choice for our company.


How many people work with your VMS solution?

ARWA has more than 80 branches in the market and over 50% of them are already actively working with the VMS solution. This means that a significant majority of our sites benefit from the advantages of this solution and use it in their daily work processes. This underlines the broad acceptance and added value that the VMS solution offers in our company.


Are you planning to use more of compleet in the future or even other components of the compleet suite?

More branches will be working with the portal in the future. We can consider a master vendor contract as a supplement and thus make use of further components of the compleet suite.


„If you are looking for a clear, targeted and efficient solution, compleet is the right choice.“



What advice would you give to other companies facing the same challenges?

If you are looking for a clear, targeted and efficient solution, compleet is the right choice. Complex issues are broken down clearly and solved quickly thanks to support that is available at all times. The focus is on working together as partners, acting as equals and answering all questions comprehensively.



Reasons for compleet vendor

"compleet vendor has revolutionized our procurement processes thanks to its unique digital signature function and efficient request management, which significantly saves time and resources."

Dario Aimola
Key Account Manager, ARWA Personaldienstleistungen

"The collaboration with compleet is characterized by a high level of transparency and appreciation. We would like to emphasize the good support, which is indispensable for us and makes the cooperation particularly valuable."

Damian Moisejenko
Key Account Manager, ARWA Personaldienstleistungen