Success Story

Read the success story of Apleona and how the company was able to successfully optimize its workflows with the help of compleet vendor.


About Apleona

Apleona is a leading European real estate and facility manager based in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main. The company has almost 20,000 employees in more than 30 countries who manage, develop and equip properties of all asset classes, operate and maintain facilities and support customers from a wide range of industries in production and secondary processes. Turnover amounts to around €2 billion per year. Apleona relies on compleet vendor to digitalize its temporary work processes.

compleet vendor

With the help of our VMS, you can optimize your processes from inquiry management to supplier invoicing!

Goals and challenges

The project for the introduction of the Vendor Management System (VMS) for temporary staffing from compleet vendor started on February 1, 2018. With the introduction of the compleet vendor solution, a leading agency was simultaneously commissioned as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for the processing and management of the agencies. The MSP also managed the introduction of compleet vendor. The system went live together with the MSP on 01.08.2018. The long preparation time was used to adapt the processes to the customer and to test the collaboration with the selected MSP. The aim was to ensure the digital mapping of processes relating to temporary work. It was also important to achieve the best possible staffing of the temporary positions. On average, Apleona employs around 600 temporary workers. However, the number fluctuates; there are times when significantly more and sometimes slightly fewer are employed.

Results of the launch

Apleona has digitalized and standardized the processes with compleet vendor, making them more efficient. For example, the approval processes for involving the works council and management have been simplified. These processes are largely automated: the works council is automatically informed by email and integrated into compleet vendor via an approval process. The management is also integrated via a workflow. With the qualified electronic signature, temporary employment contracts are quickly signed digitally - an efficient solution was also found for the dual control principle that applies at Apleona. The processes for filling vacancies were also optimized and automated in close coordination with the MSP. In the first step, all agencies classified as A in the vicinity of the property or location are first informed via the compleet vendor portal. The B and C agencies are then automatically contacted at fixed intervals if the vacancy is not filled. In addition, reports are provided in real time for better management and faster staffing. Communication with the agencies is considerably accelerated and simplified. Legal aspects surprised those involved during the course of the project. "A few things, such as the deployment extension, surprised us. There is a relatively clear positioning that the same rules apply for each extension as for the new contract. Technical functions of compleet vendor were also revised and adapted according to Apleona's specifications. For example, the wording around the automatic emails to the works council was completely revised once again. The acceptance during the introduction of the software was good, at the beginning a few employees were skeptical, but in the end everyone was convinced." Dirk Webert continues.


Mr. Dirk Webert is very clear about the advantages: "The relatively high level of acceptance within our companies shows that our concerns have been understood and that we are cooperating with the implementation. In addition, the simple handling and the fact that it is an online solution without further installations on the computers are convincing. The good market positioning of compleet vendor and its acceptance by our agencies are also a major advantage."

Reasons for compleet vendor

"The introduction of the compleet vendor portal has also increased the range of offers in terms of the quality of temporary workers. Apleona has a much wider range of options for staffing."

Dirk Webert
Category Buyer, Apleona GmbH